A traditional Japanese-style roof

The thatched roof continuing from the Edo period
Accommodation at an old private house with a thatched roof

A room of an old private house

Room using traditional technology
Please enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo period


sit around the fire
This trip will become a pleasant memory


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I went to pick warabi.

warabi grows on sunny mountain slopes. I succeeded in collecting a lot today. Warabi can be eaten with ash, c...

Weeping cherry tree

The weeping cherry tree is in full bloom. When you come here, please enjoy seeing this beautiful cherry bloss...


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An old private house with a thatched roof

Thatched roof

An old private house with a thatched roof.
Traditional culture which has been on since the Edo period.
It is open as a guest house.
Please come and stay with your family and friends.

The old private house of the thatched roof becomes the original landscape of Japan.
The thatched roof house is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
In Saitama Prefecture there is only one facility that can be accommodated in the old private house with a thatched roof. It is a very cozy home.
Please visit the old private house with the thatched roof.
We are waiting for you.

The room has become an atmosphere that reminds me of old times
There is a large beam on the ceiling and it is black.
this is a house made with old technology without using nails.
House using traditional craftsmen's technique.

There is a room with a hearth.
Please talk about memories of your trip with everyone.
Please tell me your memories of your trip.
I would like to talk with each other on a friendly basis.

house layout

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