Ryokan industry outline

Ryokan business

Accommodation name:Minshuku Suginoko


name:Miyazaki Teruko

Street address


address:Saitama Prefecture Chichibu city Arakawa Kamitano 1743-1


Electric train:5 minutes on foot from BUSHŪ-NAKAGAWA  Station.(Chichibu Railway)

car:About 1 hour from the, Hanazono Inter.(Kan’etsu jidōshadō)

contact information

Telephone · fax:0494-54-0963

Email: info@suginoko.moo.jp

Business content

business:Guest house operation

number of employees

employee:3 people

Building of accommodation

An old private house:An old private house with a thatched roof for over 300 years.

Inquiries concerning this site

e-mail. info@suginoko.moo.jp

Responsible person:YOSHIHIKO MIYAZAKI



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