Let's make fun memories.

In Japan, I have been playing with coma, kite and menko from long ago.
Please use these play tools when you want to have fun, please say.
Let’s make fun memories.

I will lend you these play tools anytime.


This kite is a thing that shaped a bird.
It is lightly made, so it is likely to fly well.
I got on the wind and got higher.
Finally, it went up to 200 meters above the sky.
I think that it is an easy-to-fly kite.


This will be a dragon shaped kite.
Because it is bigger than the previous one, it will not go up without some wind.
This kite succeeded in flying over 200 meters.
Anyone who wants to raise the kite to the sky please tell me anytime.


This is what is called menko.
It has become popular play among children for a long time.
You win if you overturn your opponent’s menko with your menko.
I will be at the inn so let’s play when I come here.


This is koma.
It has been popular among children since long ago.
There are various types of koma, so let’s play together.
Let’s play koma together when you come to the inn.



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