Minshuku Suginoko

Saitama Prefecture Chichibu city Arakawa Kamitano 1743-1


Parking Lot:Up to 12 units are possible
Number of rooms:5 rooms
Number of people who can book:25 adults
check-in:3 PM
check out:10am
Dinner time:5:30 pm
Breakfast time:7:30 AM

Access by car

I will use the Kan‐Etsu Expressway.
I get off at the Hanazono Inter.
Please head towards Mitumine.
yuo are will arrive in about an hour.
The back of the old private house with a thatched roof is the parking lot.

Access by train

Ikebukuro Station→Seibu Chichibu Station(Seibu Railway).
Change trains.
Ohanabatake Station→Bushunakagawa Station(Chichibu Railway).
Arrive in 5 minutes on foot from leaving the ticket gate.



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