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About usage

Minshkuku suginoko operates this site (https://minshuku-suginoko.jp/) and the following directories, various reservation programs and e-mail transmission program, together with “this site”) We are. Before using this site, please read the following terms of service. When you use this site, we assume that you agree to this terms of service.
Since this Terms of Service may be changed without notice, please be sure to check the latest information.

About accommodation

Our accommodation can be booked from 2 people.
If the number of reservations is more than 20 people, you can use all the rooms.

About the price of accommodation

The accommodation fee is in cash (Japanese yen), please.
Credit cards can not be used.

About the English sentence of this site

This site was created using Google’s translation function.
I made it by myself, so I am sorry if there are any mistakes.
If there is a mistake etc., we will fix it, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

About change of service contents etc.

Our shop may change or delete the contents of the service provided on this site without notice. In addition, due to maintenance work, system failure or other reasons, we may suspend the operation of all or part of this site temporarily or long-term without prior notice.

About copyright

The copyright of the information to be posted on this site is in principle attributable to our shop. In principle, we will prohibit secondary use of information posted on this site, unless there is consent by our shop document.

About Disclaimer

About the information to be posted on this site, our shop pays close attention. However, our shop does not guarantee its completeness. Details concerning our shop ‘s sales will give priority to all current situation. We will not take any responsibility even if the user receives any damage by using this site.
Our service will not take any responsibility even if the service is interrupted due to maintenance work of this site, system failure or other reasons, and as a result the user suffered damage.

About link etc. to this site

As a general rule the link to this site is ok. However, the URL of each file may be changed without notice, please be sure to link to the top page (https://minshuku-suginoko.jp/). Also, please refrain from linking only images or use within frames.

About link from this site

In order to complement the information provided in this site, this site may link to a third party’s website. The contents of a third-party website (hereinafter referred to as “linked site”) linking from this site are managed by their respective responsibilities. Our shop does not assume any responsibility about the contents of the linked site or the damage caused by using them.

About cancellation

In case of cancellation by an individual, thank you three days in advance by e-mail. In addition, when canceling by group, thank you by e-mail one month in advance.

e-mail :info@suginoko.moo.jp

About correction etc. of information of this site

In our shop, if there is a request such as correction of information from the customer himself, we will correct accordingly. In addition, even if there is a mistake in the price etc., our shop does not assume any responsibility so please acknowledge it.

About e-mail

Please use free e-mail for reservation and inquiries. In that case, please set so that you can receive mail from this side.

Explanation of the guest house

Minshuku is a small accommodation facility operated by an ordinary private house with business license. Compared with inns and hotels, the facilities are small and the facilities are simple.
We will cooperate with our family to operate so please understand.

About dog

There are dogs in the inn, but please be careful when approaching. In any case, even if an accident happens, please understand that we can not take responsibility.

Inquiries concerning this site

e-mail. info@suginoko.moo.jp

Responsible person:YOSHIHIKO MIYAZAKI



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