When mountain vegetables, mushrooms, etc. come out in the mountains, we go picking and cook.
When something planted in the field comes out, we harvest it and cook it out.
Please enjoy rural family cuisine with everyone.
We serve delicious dishes of the countryside to everyone.



The breakfast is simple.
Breakfast will be rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, natto, ham egg, laver, plum pickles, tea set.
If you can not eat natto, please contact.

Homemade food

I cook with mountain ingredients.

[iwatake tempura]
This is the tempura of iwatake.
iwatake is a high-class food ingredient.
The texture is light, and it's easy to eat.
500 yen for one person.

[iwatake sushi]
It is iwatake's sushi.
iwatake is a high-class food ingredient.
There are two kinds of wasabi's flavor and ginger flavor.
It is very tasty.
500 yen for one person.

[Wild vegetable cuisine]
From early April until the end of May, you can eat delicious Wild vegetable cuisine.
Tara sprout, koshiabura, kogomi, warabi, fukinotou, momijigasa, bamboo shoots etc.
It will be tempura, Japanese food, soaking etc.

[River fish dishes]
It is a river fish called yamame.
Once baked, simmer on a soy sauce base.
So soft, you can eat it all.
600 yen for one person.

[iwana Fried chicken]
This is a river fish called iwana.
iwana fish has become a high-class fish.
After deep-fried, I eat it with ponzu.
600 yen for one person.

This soba is handmade.
I am mixing with yam and egg whites.
You can enjoy the flavor of soba and the taste of solid noodles.
700 yen for one person.

We serve delicious dishes handmade.

[Ino shishinabe]
This is eat wild boar meat mixed with vegetables and mushrooms.
It is tasty as homemade miso becomes soup.
1500 yen for one person.

[kinoko nabe]
This is a pot with a lot of mushrooms.
It is a soy sauce based taste.
Since yams are also included, it is hot and tasty.
700 yen for one person.

[sennin nabe]
There are plenty of mountain ingredients to be healthy.
Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, iwatake, chicken boul, mochi etc. are contained.
This is a soy sauce taste.
1500 yen for one person.

sukiyaki is a way to eat delicious beef from long ago in Japan.
This is a sweet soy sauce based taste.
1000 yen for one person.

[Iwana sake]
Bake the river fish called Iwana slowly with a low heat.
I will pour hot liquor.
If you add hot sake there, it will be a fragrant sake.
It is perfect for those who like alcohol.
1500 yen for one person.

It will be a rice cake that was made using the nut of tochinomi.
It is very fragrant and tasty rice cake.
This rice cake is said to be a phantom rice cake.
It can be eaten in the cold season from December to February.